29 July 2018
Chalk lettering workshop
13:00-16:00, Shinjuku station, Tokyo, Japan
Workshop Dicsription
Anna will teach you how to draw with chalk lettering and color your artwork with soft pastel. The goal of the workshop is to produce a word or a quote on a blackboard using both chalk and colorful soft pastel. You will learn how to use chalk as a broad-edged pen for "chalk" calligraphy, serif and san serif. You will decorate your letters with a gradient, drop shadows and drop lines.
Students will be given a workbook designed by Anna Rolskaya
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About Anna Rolskaya
Anna Rolskaya is a freelance hand lettering artist based in Porto, Portugal.
In 2016 Anna founded an online Lettering School where she teaches Russian lettering composition, logo design, chalkboard lettering and provides insights on how to make a profit from your passion.
Anna travels the globe teaching the power of hand lettering and has done workshops in Dubai, Singapore, Madrid, Moscow, St-Petersburg, and Lisbon. In 2017 Anna launched a hand lettering workbook with one of the most popular book publishers in Russia.
Anna Rolskaya applies her lettering skill in a different setting, such as designing wine labels and touristic merchandising and chalkboard murals for restaurants and for special events such as weddings.